Why The Leadership Foundation Does What It Does

As inviting and seemingly safe, shallow living is, it is clearly not the stuff of fulfilled lives. Worse yet, shallow relating leaves us with a haunting voice that says we may have never really lived.

H.D. Thoreau said Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

We believe he is right and sadly, too often, it is leadership that, although appearing to live free and open, can be the ones with their truest “song” locked the deepest inside.

The integrity and authenticity of the leader determines the level of respect and trust they generate.

The Eaton Leadership Foundation believes that humans have amazing potential to influence their world for good. Each is uniquely placed in history, geography and families that mold us and give us venues to live our callings and passions. We have vocations and relationships that are the primary arenas to live out these callings and act as our realms of key influence.

Unfortunately and due to a myriad of issues, many of us fail to really live at the level we were meant to live.

Many have haunting senses of loneliness and isolation, vocational staleness and boredom even in the midst of busy schedules surrounded by others. We can be frustrated in our vocation and isolated in our relationships while watching the dreams of our youth fade and wonder what might have been. Shame can define life for us and “good enough” becomes good enough. For those of Biblical faith, a life like this is the opposite of what God has in mind.

The Eaton Leadership Foundation wants to free leaders up to live out their full potential.


Developing Authentic and Effective Leaders