What The Eaton Leadership Foundation Does

How we think about life determines how we respond to both the easy and the hard.  We use a Biblical platform and world view to help create a way of thinking about life and relationships that are not tossed by life's bumps and successes.  We teach a thoughtful, reflective and informed Biblical perspective that understands the historical context of Scriptures and is in tune with the world we live in.  If faith does not relate to the businessman on Monday, the ranching family in the chutes on Tuesday, the farming family during a drought on Wednesday, the mechanic getting fired on Thursday, the retired couple having coffee of Friday, the college student on Saturday and the Pastor giving their message on Sunday, then it is not the faith of the real people in the Bible.  Our message is sound theologically, theoretically and pragmatically for real people in a real world today.

We want to encourage leaders.  Real authentic encouragement.  We want to give something beyond an "atta boy".  Young leaders need someone who they know has their back and is for them during the days when skills are being developed and tested.  They need support during the real life struggles that come with being human.  Veteran leaders need encouragement to take their story and message deeper.  To step out from behind the curtain of titles and positions they have worked so hard to earn, and enter into the courageous world of real leadership.  The courageous world of real leadership is about knowing others at real levels and loosing the childhood fears being known at real levels.  One that is honest and real.  They often need help transforming from an authoritarian leadership style into a more authentic, brave and approachable style of leadership.  We have learned that simple knowledge does not change lives.  This is a central truth of the Bible.  God sent Jesus when He could have sent more information and an updated Torah.  He allowed Himself to know and be known.  It is truth in the context of relationships that produces transformation.  We have all seen example after example of folks who know something and act in a way contrary to what they know.  Knowing something in no way guarantees it works its way into the fabric of who we are.  Somehow the message one brings needs to get down to a core level of the heart.  The level of motivation.  The level of desire.  The level of hope, joy, pain, sorrow, fulfillment, meaning, longing, disappointment, contentment and in reality....life.  This is the real work of the Eaton Leadership Foundation: to touch leaders in a way that produces lasting, real, deep and honest growth for them and in turn for those they touch.

Transform - Real life change comes from within.  One can only fake something so long and it shows up.  Sadly it is the families that know the real person while the public knows the phony and put on person.  We have too many of these people in leadership and the result is broken families and broken work places.  Transformation is a long term process that takes years.  It is a continual process that takes a lifetime.  It is not something that happens at a weekend retreat or seminar.  It requires long term relationships, trust and honest reflection about oneself.  The journey of transformation is not for folks who want to live by simple mantras and memorized life formulas that promote shallow relating in an attempt to keep life controllable.  Oh they sound good when delivered in a homey way, but when challenged fail to pass the test of life.  Real transformation is for the brave and honest among us who hope to lead real people in real life.  The humility of the truly transformed is not put on, but rather that of a person who knows their own story and can therefore offer real grace, dignity and hope to others who need real leadership and not just someone with a title.  This is the hope of the Eaton Leadership Foundation:  we want to somehow produce a transformative change in those we relate with so that they in turn can lead in transformational change in those they relate with.

Developing Authentic and Effective Leaders