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The Eaton Leadership Foundation depends on donations from good folks who understand the need to discover, engage and develop leadership. Your donations will go directly to developing leaders.

Online giving with gives you a safe and secure way to easily create one-time or recurring gifts, helping to us grow our ministry.

You can also donate by text message:

All you have to do is send a text message to 360-301-7006 via your preferred text messaging app and include the amount you'd like to donate. It's that simple!

You can also donate by US Mail:

Eaton Leadership Foundation
P.O. Box 420
Atoka, OK 74525


What is ELF purpose? To help develop authentic, powerful and effective leaders.

How is ELF governed? By a Board of Directors made up of proven leaders from across the US.

How can I keep up with what the Foundation is doing? At the end of each year our Board of Directors will issue a report of activities.

Who are the primary staff? Husband and wife, Mark Eaton and Susie McEntire are the primary staff. However, on occasion other proven leaders will be called on for presentations and mentoring. Mark and Susie are funded through by their music and speaking outside of the funds of ELF. For the present, ELF pays only administrative salaries and fees of outside presenters.

Are my gifts tax deductible? Yes. The Eaton Leadership Foundation is a 501 © 3 registered in the state of Oklahoma as a charitable foundation and is encouraged to receive donations to further the work and purposes of the foundation.

Will I receive a receipt? Yes. A receipt will be issued as soon as we receive your gift with an enclosed and stamped return envelope.



Developing Authentic and Effective Leaders