What others think about the Eaton Leadership Foundation

Susie and Mark, you absolutely surpassed all of our expectations in every way!  I think the one thing--if I had to pick just one--that amazed me the most was your willingness to just spend time with us...to share your life with us, to talk about your kids and families, to ask about our lives.  That's priceless!  Being able to just chat with you driving from the airport and sitting down at a very relaxed lunch was awesome.  The other striking thing to me is just how very invested both of you are in encouraging others and pouring into their lives!  I loved how you took the time to invited Ernie from Denver to join us because you knew, Mark, that he is experiencing such a tough, "valley" time right now.  And, Susie , how you made time to have breakfast with  Karen and invite her and daughters to dinner and the concert.  Then, at the dinner and after the concert, you visited with the folks, posed for many photos with folks and made everyone there feel important.  All of that is so uplifting and really builds my faith.

Mark, your advice in the design and execution of the fund-raising part of the event made all the difference.  Your excitement and passion for youth and catching our vision for our rodeo B ible camp really was so helpful to us.  Knowing that I could call or email you for help along the way really boosted our confidence and allowed us to push forward through unknown waters.  Thank you so much!

The personal stories from your life, Susie , were so real, touching and hope-filled.  So many people have commented to me/us about how they enjoyed that personal touch from you!  Your choices of song were perfect--I love your voice as always--so beautiful and like non-other in the business.  I really loved the duet, the "love" song, perfect!  The two of you singing together with the intimacy of just an acoustic guitar, sounded so great.

Finally, the way you both presented the "ask" for donations was wonderfully straight-forward, and honest.  I am convinced that without you doing that part of the presentation, we would not have been so blessed with amount of donations.  People just opened up their wallets and hearts and gave what they could which was soooo heart-warming to us.  There were lots and lots of envelopes with $3, $7, $100, or whatever each person could give.

Overall, after all the bills have been paid and a few more sponsorships have been received, we cleared just over $20,000.  Really unbelievable. What an out-pouring of blessing for which we are extremely thankful and humbled.  For we know that our good, good Father orchestrated it all and now, we want to be great stewards of His gifts and be bold in presenting hope and salvation to as many kids and families in our area and in the mission field of Arizona or wherever God leads us.

The words, "Thank You," are certainly not enough to express our deep appreciation to you, Susie and Mark.  So, until you get to heaven and receive your heavenly reward, I guess it will have to do!  :-)  We pray huge blessing and favor over all you do and over all your family.  I can't wait until you come back to Grand Junction area and please know that if there is ever anything I or we can do to help you guys, we are here for you!

- Paula

"Face it, you were talking to us guys today in Cheyenne.  We didn't 'jump up or amen or Preach it Mark'.  We are Guys!! Yet you reached every man's heart.   I know every man and young man yearns for the relationship with their savior.  You gave us practical tools to get into our young men's worlds and the courage to forgive ourselves, as adult men.  We have a responsibility, you showed by your integrity and soundness in your words.

Safe travels. God bless you!
Michael 'Stretch' Long"


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